About Us

Constant research, communication with masters of the nail industry and development of our own products allow us to predict desires of customers and create future of the market.

In five years of work, ÜLKA Company has grown from a cozy apartment of two students to a production with an area of 800 m2 and 32 unique professionals. In May 2022, we took part in an international exhibition in Poland for the first time. In 2022, 3 new products are scheduled to enter the market.


Виготовлення власноруч першої витяжки засновником компанії Володимиром для nail-майстра. Створення міні-виробництва на орендованій квартирі.


Активний розвиток, переїзд на своє перше виробництво площею 100 м², збільшення штату до 10 працівників. Перша виставка в Україні та перший міжнародний контракт.


Швидкі темпи розвитку, штат виріс до 32 працівників компанії, виробничу площу збільшену до 800 м².


Участь у першій міжнародній виставці в Польщі. Географія продажів розширилася до 10 країн світу.


The company's founder, Volodymyr, made the first hood with his own hands for a nail master. Creation of a mini-production in a rented apartment.


Active development, moving to our first manufacture with a space of 100m2, increasing the staff to 10 employees. The first exhibition in Ukraine and the first international contract.


Fast pace of development, the staff of the company has grown to 32 employees, the production area has been increased to 800m2.


Participation in the first international exhibition in Poland. The sales geography of the products has expanded to 10 countries.

We manufacture hoods for professionals with different needs, which means that masters of all skill levels can choose equipment to suit their requirements, price and design.

Viktoriia Bohdan
Creating marketing with soul, that's how she describes her work. I am happy to develop the LOVEMARK company with the team.
Owns a cat, jokingly calls him PR director, sorts garbage, volunteers.

Bayer Maryana
Operations Director
She is engaged in building and systematizing the work of the company. Holds dozens of zooms to monitor work, develop and control the creation of instructions, regulations, checklists and many more boring words that help our company work harmoniously and provide the best service and product.

Kindruk Anastasia
Sales Manager
Will choose you a hood for any taste and wallet

Sulima Oksana
Financial accountant
Won't miss a penny. Likes to work late in the evening - when no one is writing or distracting. When there is time - knits and watches TV series

Vysoka Anastasia
Head of the sales department
She created the current sales department - all managers are loved and trained - like their own children. Loves systematicity and does everything to satisfy the needs of customers. She also has three wonderful children.
Mikhail Morozov
The best dad in the world. Sociable positive and the soul of the company. The positivity and soul of our company's production. Wins hearts of every trainee and will always come to help.

Aleksandrova Viktoriya
Her main task is to ensure the integrity of the hood on the way from production to our charming clients. She can prepare them even with her eyes closed.

Polovynko Oleksii
Regional manager
Makes sure that every beauty shop in our gorgeous Ukraine has high-quality dust collect and accessories

Yevgeny Lukyanov
Collector of production
The founder of our team, will always come to the rescue and will choose the most difficult path in the mountains.

Julia Nesterenko
Lead and service manager
For her, clients are family and she serves them like for her mother. For her, it's not just words, but the realities of every day. I am happy to meet customers and help solve service situations

Tatiana Stavska
Our finance fairy. Keeps activity records, calculates and pays taxes. She has two children and likes to travel with the whole family

Grigorenko Roman
Head of the machine tools department
He always works for the result, loves to implement something new. A leader by nature. He raises a catdog and likes active recreation.

Podhirnyi Ivan
Production manager
A responsible person, enthusiastically develops his skills, has a tendency to production, a spiritual person. Skillfully plays the guitar, does sports and is a good family man. Raises a son
Gulieva Yulia
Grinding machine
Uses magic outside of Hogwarts and makes our grates super cool. Super mom and an incredibly good person.
Svetlana Galchyk
Sales Manager
She will always suggest you, advise you only the best, does her work with pleasure. Every client is her best friend. Likes traveling, walking with children and growing orchids
Hrystiuk Pavlo
Collector, head of the collection department
Сreates the best hoods for manicure.

Inna Bogma
SMM manager
Creates a second name. She likes to follow trends and memes. Turns posts in social networks into a powerful media channel. She is fond of photography, loves chamomile tea and Ukraine.

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