Coal reusable pitta mask ÜLKA black

Coal reusable pitta mask ÜLKA black

Coal reusable pitta mask ÜLKA black

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Type: Mask
Features: With charcoal filter
Color: Black

Reusable PITTA masks Ülka.

Have you heard about it? These masks contain 99% of dust and airborne mixtures. They will protect you from harmful evaporation.

Lifespan of these masks is much longer than cotton counterparts. Also they are much comfortable.

After 2 hours of using disposable masks they become useless but PITTA masks are easy washed and can be used immediately. Every dust collector additionally has a mask. You won't find better.

Purpose: highly-efficient respiratory protection.

Working lifespan - 2 months.

Protective clothing is designed according to international quality standards:

  • Special mask design conform to the shape of your face.
  • Large area of filtering material surface effectively cleans the air
  • Cellular polyethylene effectively drains humidity saving ease of breathing
  • Mask shape allows you to fold it so you can comfortably transport, keep and use it.
  • Mask material is hypoallergenic!

Choose Ülka and be healthy.

Защитные маски ÜLKA с угольным фильтром