Hand sanitizer CLEAN STREAM 5 L

Hand sanitizer CLEAN STREAM 5 L

Hand sanitizer CLEAN STREAM 5 L

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Type: Antiseptic

The Clean Stream disinfector is a product for hygienic and surgical disinfection of the skin of the hands and skin.

It is a colorless ready-made transparent solution with an alcoholic odor that dissolves easily in water. Wedge Stream does not irritate the skin of the hands, and due to the special moisturizing and emollient components, they take care of it even with prolonged use of the product. Clean Stream Antiseptic is not intended for disinfection of mucous membranes, eyes and open wounds. It is worth remembering that all disinfectants should be alternated every six months. Attention! Before putting on gloves, dry your hands thoroughly with a towel or napkin. Before using this disinfectant, we recommend that you familiarize yourself with the methodological recommendations.

Purpose: for disinfection of the skin of hands and skin
Volume: 5 L
Composition: ethanol - 70%, 2-propanol - 2%
Clean Stream Properties: Reduces bacterial flora by 99% in just 30 seconds

  • Keeps hands clean for 3 hours
  • Prevention of "dirty hands diseases", especially in children
  • Does not require rinsing
  • Dries immediately
  • Hand-friendly
  • Complies with European hygiene standards: EN 1500

Dosing rates of the agent for processing and disinfection:

  1. Hygienic hand disinfection - 3 ml, 15 sec
  2. Disinfection before invasive intervention - 5-10 ml, 1 min
  3. Disinfection of patients' skin - 1000 ml
  4. Sanitizing feet to prevent fungal infections - 3 ml, 15 sec
  5. Disinfection of small-sized medical devices, rubber gloves - 30 ml / m², 15 sec