Manicure dust collector ÜLKA mini P

 Manicure dust collector ÜLKA mini P

Manicure dust collector ÜLKA mini P

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Performance (m³/h​): 220
Engine power (per min.): 2700
Noise level (dB): 19
Power consumption (Watt): 19
Dimensions (cm): 19.3х29х11
Product weight (kg): 1.5
Color: Pink

Compact dust collector for manicure ÜLKA mini!
This little helper takes up a minimum of space on the work table, but at the same time, it is superior to the Chinese counterparts in performance.

With ÜLKA X1, you can keep your workplace clean without any effort. Replacement dust bags are easy to remove for washing and then easy to replace.

This model is equipped with a rolling-element bearing fan that works with high performance, but with less noise, less wear and tear, and less energy consumption. It is powerful enough and the perfect product for manicurists who work with the most volatile material. The on / off switch is located on the cord a bit further from the dust collector working area for your comfort and convenience.

The body is made of durable plastic resistant to disinfectant treatment. The hood has special nonslip rubber pads on the feet. Working lifespan - 50,000 hours is almost 6 years of continuous working! This model has a rubber seal that prevents dust from flying off the bag. Ideal for manicurists with a small customer flow or for training centers.

One hand use space-saving design.
Package contents: ÜLKA manicure hood, 2 branded replacement dust bags, ÜLKA reusable pitta mask, warranty card!
WARRANTY - 24 months
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