Manicure dust collector ÜLKA SOFT W/Y

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Dust collector for manicure SOFT — allows you to keep the workplace of the master clean. Thanks to the comfortable body and soft pad, the forearm rests calmly on a plane, and the bending angle is smooth enough to avoid hand fatigue. A wide range of colors enables you to choose the exact dust collector that fits perfectly into your interior.

The body is made of durable plastic resistant to disinfectant treatment. The dust collector  has special nonslip rubber pads on the feet. The on/off switch is located on the cord a bit further from the dust collector working area for your comfort and convenience.

This model is equipped with a powerful rolling-element-bearing industrial fan. Such fans are superior to the Chinese counterparts in performance. It is powerful enough and the perfect product for manicurists who work with the most volatile material. Working lifespan — 50 000 hours is almost 6 years of continuous working! ÜLKA X2 SOFT has a rubber seal that prevents dust from flying off the bag.

Package contents: ÜLKA manicure dust collector, 2 branded replacement dust bags, ÜLKA reusable pitta mask, warranty card!
WARRANTY — 24 months

Вес изделия (кг): 1.7
Габариты (см): 25.5х37х15
Мощность (Вт): 40
Обороты двигателя (в мин.): 3000
Производительность (м³/час​): 344
Уровень шума (дБ): 34
Цвет подушки: Yellow
Цвет: White
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