Manicure hand rest Ülka without legs mint

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A stand for hands on a manicure table without metal legs! It allows the client to enjoy a long manicure procedure without discomfort or stress. For a master, this is not only an opportunity to improve the quality of service, but also a necessary thing for more convenient and efficient work without unnecessary fatigue.


bright modern design;

large selection of upholstery shades;

compact size and light weight;

high quality.

The stand is made of soft eco-leather, which is perfectly cleaned of dirt and can be disinfected. The filler is soft and elastic enough to prevent fatigue in the elbow during the procedure. The stand is made in a rectangular shape with rounded edges.

For the manufacture of this model, high-quality materials of a non-slip base and a durable upper are used. A wide color palette will allow you to choose a manicure table palm rest for any design.

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Материал: Eco-leather
Особенности: Without legs
Тип: Manicure hand rest
Цвет: Mint

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