Вuilt-in dust collector for manicure ÜLKA PREMIUM B

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The ÜLKA Premium dust collector is essential for keeping the work table clean and dust-free.

The body is made of durable plastic resistant to disinfectant treatment. The hood has special nonslip rubber pads on the feet.

This model is equipped with a powerful rolling-element bearing fan that works with high performance, but with less noise, less wear and tear, and less energy consumption. Working lifespan — 50,000 hours is almost 6 years of continuous working! It is powerful enough and the perfect product for manicurists who work with the most volatile material.

Package contents: ÜLKA manicure hood, HEPA filter, ÜLKA reusable pitta mask, warranty card!

WARRANTY — 60 months

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Вес изделия (кг): 2.75
Габариты (см): 28х26x9.7
Мощность (Вт): 52
Обороты двигателя (в мин.): 2530
Производительность (м³/час​): 800
Размер накладки для стола (см): 29х26.5* (размер накладки может быть изменён под индивидуальный запрос)
Уровень шума (дБ): 45
Цвет: Black

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